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Frequently asked questions




Can I use my reducer sparkling water for my aquarium?


No. The products for water have different operating characteristics. The sparkling water requires a good flow of gases with pressures that can reach even 5,5 / 6,0 bar, while for CO2 in aquariums the flow must be very low as well as the pressure of operation. Moreover, attacks to use & disposable bottles are different.




My accessories (diffusor, bubble counteur, non-return valve. Etc.) will work with the reducer Dreamsdesign?


The reducers of Dreamsdesign are multi-adjustable, so there are no problems to use them on existing plants. You will only have to pay attention that the system "not to return" functions properly. However is better use components of good quality.




Currently, in my aquarium, use a reducer for welding: this may be the reason why I can not adjust well the number of bubbles?


Definitely yes. Reducers for welding have features that are difficult to reconcile with the precision and consistency that must have a system to aquarium. It 'important to remember that these are devices that operate at high pressures, then is not advisable to experiment but is better to buy components suitable for its intended use.




Can I use the cylinders used for casting or sparkling of my aquarium?


The attack of the disposable cylinders from 500 grams for sparkling water is different from that of the cylinders normally used in aquariums. In any case it is appropriate to use the cylinders for aquariums.




I have a pressure reducer to use with disposable cylinders use & but now I want to switch to a refillable bottle is possible?


Depends. If it is a reducer Dreamsdesign you can simply buy the adapter see here and mounted on the reducer. The adapters are available and allow you to use virtually any type of cylinder on the market.




And the safety?


All reducers Dreamsdesign integrate security systems that prevent the occurrence of potentially dangerous situations. It should be remembered that the pressure reducers are not to be understood as a safety accessory according to PED Directive (2014/68/CE); this is a system working at high pressure so it is important to follow the basic rules that require such equipment.




The reducers Dreamsdesign are reliable?


When you buy a standard reducer, bought a component with accessories made by other companies. The reducers Dreamsdesign are different. Since Dreamsdesign realizes the reducers is that the various components that accompany it, reducers and accessories are literally made for each other.




What kind of assistance can I have?


Each reducer Dreamsdesign is accompanied by a service provided directly by the retailer. Dreamsdesign however guarantees any information and telephone support.




The products Dreamsdesign are expensive?


If you consider the cost of a reducer including the additional accessories, usually not included in the product, you will notice that the price difference between Dreamsdesign and a standard product is less than what you might think. And since the reducers Dreamsdesign include everything since it could, the purchase of a SR is a wise decision from an economic standpoint. Finally, the reducers Dreamsdesign contain the latest technology signed by engineers and designers most brilliant, so you will have the latest technology and a product that does not run the risk of becoming obsolete in a short time.





My reducer does not work anymore. What should I do?


If the reducer are failure, or no longer work correctly, see, it is important not groped in any way to repair or open it. These devices can be repaired only in a specialized centers. Any attempt to open the reducer, as well as being dangerous, voids the warranty. Each max 5 years, the reducer has to be sent to the manufacturer for the comprehensive review and verify their suitability for use, in this regard contact the Service Support support@dreamsdesign.eu







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