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Why Dreamsdesign?



If you spending too much time trying to operate your old CO2 system, it's time to consider our range of reducers.
Those who try a product Dreamsdesign loves him and never change more


So, welcome in the family Dreamsdesign! If you just back from a normal product to a reducer SR system and want to adjust your system of administration of CO2 for your aquarium or sparkling to the new purchase, here you'll find everything you need. Here you will find the guide for those coming from an old system and want to make the most out of their new reducer.




Because each component is created by the same company that produces the reducer, you'll have a fully integrated system ... so secure, stable and powerful as elegant and easy to use.


Anodized light alloy and stainless steel. Laser Marking. Attack cylinders "toolless". Beautiful design. Look more closely at the details that make it unique Dreamsdesign reducer and will make an additional Hi-tech touch to your system. View Gallery »



Given that the gearboxes SR exploit the latest technologies to ensure the user full control and all adjustments and/or calibration required to develop, finally, its system.




Thanks to their small size, weight less than 50% compared to other products and the wide range of adapters and accessories, these pressure reducers are easily replace any other type of product originally installed.

Moreover, the system "tool less" avoids the use of any tool or key to install the new reducer to avoid unnecessary loss of time and possible damage to the machine. The special seals used to avoid having to tighten excessively as happens in almost all the old systems.




Most of reducing pressure in the market currently does not allow you to perform the 2 types of adjustment that are essential for a gas distribution system and that is the pressure of use and the amount of gas.

The SR series of reducers allows these adjustments in a very simple and precise (micrometric).  In this case, no special tools to access the various settings.




The pressure regulators of the SR series are designed to minimize the need for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

Using a system of pressure without membrane avoids the necessity of periodic replacement of the same, reducing maintenance to the simple exterior cleaning.

The gaskets for the attack on the cylinder (rechargeable or not) usually do not require replacement as the case with traditional systems.

Dreamsdesign guarantees the fastest possible assistance for the revision of your reducer (if the need) see.




Few other systems can boast of the multiple security systems, active and passive, that Dreamsdesign reducer was embedded, ranging from automatic valve APV, and the various systems that will prevent the accidental increase of pressure over the mounting/dismounting of the cylinders in safely.


Intellectual Property


All the major innovations introduced by Dreamsdesign are protected by international patents.


Other questions?  Read the FAQ » 






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