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Research and Development




Dreamsdesign works towards an idea: everyday objects that can be upgraded to work better.

Technical experts from the most diverse disciplines, mechanical engineering and physics to chemistry, electronics, work closely together, influencing each other, changing their points of view and enjoying the benefits of a synergistic and mutual exchange of ideas.


The results of the test development to help improve the design of next generation products Dreamsdesign. To achieve this are made hundreds of prototypes to perfect the details, one at a time.

Then, numerical control machines and laser sintering can build fully functional prototypes that are tested by Beta Tester in a variety of conditions.


Finally, any new product is subjected to a series of endurance tests to ensure the durability requirements that each product must have Dreamsdesign. In our laboratories, every detail is subjected to the most demanding mechanical and thermal tests which will ensure optimum operation and long lasting.






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