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SR-Micro 2.0     Design & Genius





New Design


The Micro is 35% smaller and up to 40% lighter than any other pressure regulator with similar characteristics. The difference is even more evident when it is installed on the machines more compact.









Integrated Gauge


With the Micro, we changed completely the idea of gauge. The pressure is indicated in a simple and effective system of pre-setting through the "adaptive comparison" ACC.

No add-on, and compactness compared to traditional models.




Dynamic Valve DVC


The Micro uses all the safety systems and the pressure control valve of the larger models such as the Control Dynamics DVC, HVS and the safety valve APV² (Patented).


Dynamic Valve DVC










The Micro is available for all types of connection/cylinder from simple disposable, ACME,  to the professional cylinders (1).








On request, the Micro can be clamped easily by using the 2 threaded holes M5 on the body of the reducer.









On preset reducers, the unibody design allows to reduce even more the size thanks to the body consists of a single piece of aluminum worked with numerical control machine.






(1)  For the refillable bottles with attack ACME-2G and CGA320 is available a specific model see




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