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When it comes to reducing pressure, safety(1) is everything. Their safety is proportional to the number of devices for intervention. The fact is that the space to include safety devices is limited, each device also has a cost. Most manufacturers of reducers addresses the issue by including an external device preset to some pressure, making the system more cumbersome. But this approach has some problems. First of all, these devices have fixed cylindrical forms and determine whether the size of the reducer. Moreover, it wastes precious space for the insertion of control systems. For safety, without increasing the size and weight of our reducer, our engineers have opted for Dreamsdesign security systems dynamic. These types of devices are suitable for systems with no problems with the valve dynamics DVC in all the reducers of the SR-00 Series 02 03 and Micro.


The devices occupy very traditional space. Also require massive infrastructure. Shall be enclosed in large metal containers to resist the pressure to contain springs, pistons, calibration systems and seals. Moreover, the structure should include reducing the space for a separate housing. All these components occupy space that could be used for other options.


With the new SR-00, 02, 03 and Micro technicians Dreamsdesign went further. To use a security system even more secure, have sought to integrate the device into the reducer, found in the most unsuspected: the same valve dynamic DVC.




To give our reducers the greatest possible security, without increasing the size or weight of the system, technicians Dreamsdesign have removed all the parts required by a traditional, integrating the security system in the main reducer (APV²). In this way reduced the size saving over 40% without influence on the functionality of the system.


The point of intervention has a significant effect on the prospect of life of a security system. In most reducers, in fact, this occurs at a preset pressure, without taking into account the pressure of real work. The risk is to have early a inusable reducer, and that is what the new technology APV² (Automatic Pop-Off Valve) developed by Dreamsdesign wants to avoid.



The safety of reducing Dreamsdesign born with the constantly monitoring of the conditions of operation. This technology, called" Adaptive Safety", reduces wear on the reducers and extends the life beyond belief.


The life of a safety valve is measured in cycles of action. The operation of the valve isn't always clear: this may in fact be the result of many interventions partial. A normal valve typically supports 200 to 300 rounds of action before its functionality decrease. At that point, still works, but the precision of action is less. Thanks to technology "Adaptive Safety", the security system can tap share in 1000 rounds of intervention, for a perspective of life more than triple compared to that of conventional valves.

A perfect safety system for revolutionary reducers. With the new reducers Dreamsdesign technicians have taken the radical decision to remove the traditional safety valve, choosing to integrate a system with capacity for triple and related to the true pressure of work. They developed an advanced solution and a mode of intervention to prolong the life of the valve up to more than 1,000 rounds of intervention in all this reducer more compact and lightest in the world, so as to provide a level of security without equal.


(1) The pressure reducers are not to be understood as a safety accessory according to PED Directive (2014/68/CE)







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